1930s humorous map of London as wooden jigsaw puzzle complete in box 

Dissected map with title The New Pictorial Map of London, circa 475 mm x 730 mm.  Including the large frame pieces amounts to nearly 650 pieces. Two inset maps of locations of theatres and cinemas. Three parts are missing (send for details and further photos) and a couple of pieces have a small bit broken off. Two pieces strengthened/repaired by me. Imprint on box: Prepared by "GEOGRAPHIA" LTD who were one of the premier map publishers at that time. Poster has imprint: This map was printed and published by "GEOGRAPHIA" LIMITED 55 Fleet Street in the City of London.

Box quotes: This puzzle contains a sealed key to the problem. This is actually a 1:1 scale copy of the puzzle as poster. This has been folded to fit into box but could easily be ironed and laid down as a poster. The same poster map was published separately in covers as a folding map and a British dealer has this for sale at 700 pounds. The puzzle was also sold without the heavy border and the same dealer has this (complete) for 400 pounds.

Pieces are very irregular in shape showing its early origins and cut on 3-ply plywood board. Backs are plain (I added paper on two to strengthen/mend - could easily be removed).




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