Ohio as wooden jigsaw puzzle complete in box 

Dissected map with title Clemens’ Map of Ohio, 400 mm x 310 mm.  Below title: Published by the Rev. E J Clemens. State cut into its county areas. Including the large frame pieces amounts to nearly 100 pieces. One county missing - Morgan? - and one piece has a small bit broken off. Imprints: Prepared by G B & C W Colton & Co., New York (below map frame bottom left); and Entered According to the Act of Congress in the Year of 1882 by G B & C W Colton & Co. in the Office of the Librarian of Congress, in Washington bottom right). Reverse is an advertisement for the “White” Sewing machine. Scene of a sitting room with a "White`’ sewing machine prominent.

An internet puzzle collector has writen the following: From what I've read and what I have discerned from my small collection of the Silent Teacher series of map puzzles, it appears that the line was started in the late 1860s or early 1870s by G.N.Tackabury of Canastota, N.Y. The earliest date that I can find is a copyright notice of 1872 by James Monteith. This copyright may refer only to the cross-sectional view that shows the comparative elevations across the center of the country.

The earliest puzzles have plain black paper on the backside and the maps used were published by Tackabury. The U.S. maps only show rivers, mountain ranges and cities. There are exercises for the student and a vertical bar indicating the latitude of various cities of the world.

 The next in the series have D&MC Wiggins New Haven, N.Y. printed on the lower right corner. Sometimes, their name is covered by the green edge paper. I don't know if D&MC Wiggins were the puzzle makers or simply print publishers. These maps have no other indication of manufacturer and have only a scroll on the title.

 I have seen E.J. Clemens and Rev. E.J. Clemens on puzzles. Anne Williams mentions that E.J. Clemens was one of the copyright holders for The Silent Teacher and at some point in the 1880s changed the title from The Silent Teacher to Clemens' Silent Teacher. A careful inspection will often show Colton as the publisher of Clemens' maps. On the reverse sides, generally there is an ad for either White Sewing Machines & Bicycles or Sherwin Williams Paint.

Fits into a recently made purpose-built box for storage and display which also allows one to turn the puzzle over. This is one of E J Clemens’ `The Silent Teacher´ series in 1882 if dated correctly, otherwise c. 1890. Later Colton production/publishing. Note: the same map in the David Rumsey collection has a different reverse (Rumsey dates his to 1893).


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